Moline Scholastic Chess Tournament

On November 10, the Moline Scholastic Chess Tournament 2018 was celebrated at Western Illinois University QC in Moline. The events was organized by the Leathernecks and Illowa chess clubs. There were 25 students divided in four categories who participated with courage to win each game. Tony Britton and Luis Peralta directed and Helena Lira from WIU helped to coordinate the event. The students counted with the support of their parents who cheered them to make their best effort. Trophies were given the the first, second and third place in each category; while the rest of the participants received medals. Moline scholastic tournament. L-R: Director Tony Britton, Adam Gibson, Gabriel Formas

Dan Brashaw is perfect at Moline Open

Luis Peralta of the Western Illinois University Q-C Campus Chess Club and the Illowa Bi-State Chess Club presents Dan Brashaw his $300 purse for winning the Nov. 3 Moline Open. Peralta by the way, shared 2nd and 3rd place at the event with Joseph Wan. Photo by Tony Britton. Pizza, not the World Chess Championship match between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana, was on the lips of chess players at the Nov. 3rd Moline Open. That's because the pizza was FREE. The freebie is quickly becoming a new and well-received tradition on the Quad-City Chess scene. After all, how many chess tournaments provides a pizza freebie? Twenty-four chess players and a handful of beginners competed in this ye

Iowa Pawn Stomers Strike US Class Championships

Iowa Pawn Stomers Strike US Class Championships The Iowa Pawn Stormers, a scholastic chess team from the CR/IC Corridor, made lightning and thunder at the 2018 US Class Championships in Minnesota last weekend. Fifteen players participated in the 150 player field capturing 6 individual prizes in total. Anish Lodh went 5-0 winning the US Class A Championship AJ Kozich went 5-0 winning the US Class B Championship Kian Thompson, 3-1-1, tieing for 3rd in the US Class B Championship Aadarsh Kumar, Audrey Sellon, and Cameron Gilbertson, each going 4-1 and tieing for 2nd-4th, in the US Class E Championship. The team on whole brought over 200 US Chess rating points back to Iowa. When not considerin

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