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Iowa Scholastic Scholarship

Scholarship amount

  • Two scholarships - $150 each


Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be between a Junior in High School up to a Junior in college as of September 1st, 2022

    • This applies to both traditional and non-traditional students

  • US Chess Rating of at least 1500

  • Have played in at least 1 Iowa event in the last calendar year


Entry Requirements

  • The judges would like to see your most Challenging tournament chess game

    • “Challenging” could be a win, loss, or a draw

    • “Challenging” could also be tournament circumstance or however you define ‘challenging’

  • Provide an annotated game (winning scholarships will be featured in the En Passant)

    • Include diagrams and sub variations where applicable

    • Include your lessons learned and your growth as a chess player from that game/tournament

    • Grammar, spelling, and ease of understanding will factor into the scoring

    • Do not forget your name, grade, graduation year, and email address when submitting


Accepted Formats

  • Word Document or PDF file (.DOC, .DOCX, .PDF)

  • Chessbase game (.CBV)

  • Portable Game Notation with annotations (.PGN)

  • Forsyth-Edwards Notation file formats will NOT be accepted (.FEN)



  • Deadline date: December 31st, 2022 11:59pm

  • Please submit your annotated game to the En Passant Editor:

  • Please include “Iowa Chess Scholarship – YOUR NAME” in the header of the email

  • Late entries will not be accepted



  • The winners will be contacted prior to the 2023 IASCA Annual Meeting

  • The scholarships will be delivered to the winners at the IASCA Annual Meeting

  • Winning Scholarships will be entered in the July 2023 edition of the En Passant

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