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Iowa Pawn Stomers Strike US Class Championships

Iowa Pawn Stomers Strike US Class Championships

The Iowa Pawn Stormers, a scholastic chess team from the CR/IC Corridor, made lightning and thunder at the 2018 US Class Championships in Minnesota last weekend. Fifteen players participated in the 150 player field capturing 6 individual prizes in total.

  • Anish Lodh went 5-0 winning the US Class A Championship

  • AJ Kozich went 5-0 winning the US Class B Championship

  • Kian Thompson, 3-1-1, tieing for 3rd in the US Class B Championship

  • Aadarsh Kumar, Audrey Sellon, and Cameron Gilbertson, each going 4-1 and tieing for 2nd-4th, in the US Class E Championship.

The team on whole brought over 200 US Chess rating points back to Iowa. When not considering Pawn Stormer head-to-head matchups, the players scored over 60% in their games.

The Iowa Pawn Stormers are a team of scholastic players from the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids Corridor. The team meets weekly for practice, has weekly home-study challenges, and travels as a team across the Midwest with coaches Dan Brashaw and Jim Hodina. Arshaq Saleem and Jim White also volunteer their time with the weekly practices and traveling to the tournaments.

Anish Lodh, 2018 US Class A Champion

AJ Kozich, US Class B Champion

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