Did you feel chess shockwaves on the Richter Scale!!!

Alex Richter defeated GM Timur Gareyev in Round 4 of the Carl Dunn Memorial AKA the 6th annual Port of Burlington Open. Alex went on to win. It seemed as if GM Gareyev came to Burlington on his way from Kansas visiting his mother, en route to Chicago and then France and then who knows where else, to pick up the $1000 first prize along the way. But he was stopped dead in his track on round 4 by Alex Richter. Alex playing white was able to develop a crushing king side attack and work into a checkmate. No stalk of celery could save GM Gareyev from a determined Alex Richter. (note Anish Lodh Pictured with Stalk of Celery waiting for GM Gareyev to appear in round 2) (1) Richter,Alex (2329)

Spring Scholastic Chess Tournament 2020

On January 25th 16 school teams from nine different schools met at WIU in Moline in this chess event. Students from Western Illinois University, Pleasant Valley High School, Black Hawk College, QC Christian, Moline High School, United Township High School, Wilson Junior High, Colona Junior High, and Seton Catholic School participated at Western Illinois University during the first scholastic event of the year. Wilson Junior High got the first place in the Elementary/Middle School category; while Moline Maroon got also the first place in the High School/College category. Congratulations to the students, parents, and coaches that attended the event. Thanks to WIU for hosting the tournament and

Rockefeller, Barber, Denker and Senior Winners!!!!

Robert Reynolds was the first Iowan to qualify for his National Tournament. Robert defeated Tim McEntee and Tom Gaul in a three way round robin. Both Robert and Tim are former state champions. It will be great to see Robert in St. Louis in August. Next was in the Denker qualifier as Micheal Takahashi went undefeated 3.5 of 4. I havn't seen Micheal this happy since Lincoln Elementary defeated Weber Elementary in the Iowa Elementary Individual Team Championship! Next was the Barber, with a stunning upset Aiden Krueger swept the floor and went 4 of 4 to secure his ticket to St. Louis. Last but not least was the new tournament on the Block the Rockefeller Tournament of Champions for student

Rescheduled Wedge Pizza Blitz to FEB 10

With the Iowa Cuacus tonight, many people inclunding the owner of the Wedge Stephen will not be Able to attend. Look forward to seeing you next week. Please contact Eric G. Vigil if you are unable to make the rescheduled date and would like a refund. evigil@gmail.com

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