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Moline Scholastic Chess Tournament

On November 10, the Moline Scholastic Chess Tournament 2018 was celebrated at Western Illinois University QC in Moline. The events was organized by the Leathernecks and Illowa chess clubs. There were 25 students divided in four categories who participated with courage to win each game. Tony Britton and Luis Peralta directed and Helena Lira from WIU helped to coordinate the event. The students counted with the support of their parents who cheered them to make their best effort. Trophies were given the the first, second and third place in each category; while the rest of the participants received medals.

Moline scholastic tournament. L-R: Director Tony Britton, Adam Gibson, Gabriel Formas, Alex Celada, Joe Ulloth, Jonas Loser, Juniper Loser, Chris Dawson, Seth James, and Phillip Pham.

Tony Britton and Helena Lira

Students representing the Boys and Girls Club from Moline with their parents and chaperone. Left to right: Gabriela Villafana, Ivan Villafana, Allijah Siby, Amy N., Iliana Solis, Carolina Perez and Fabiola Villafana.

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