65th Annual Iowa Open

Congratulations to Anish Lodh, James Neal and FM Alex Betaneli for a three way tie in the 65th annual Iowa Open. Anish scored four upsets to win on tiebreaks and get the coveted 65th Iowa Open 1st place Pint Glass. In the Reserve section Timothy Bergal Crushed it with a 5-0 perfect score. A tie for Second with 4-0 Scores Sarah Faith Carson and Anirudh Anabhra Soni. The Rated Beginners Open was won by Shreethan Sankapelly by tiebreaks over Hawkeye Chess Club Treasurer Andy Swiston III who didn’t realize some of the chess events he attended in Chicago as a child were rated. You know what they say…. Once rated Always Rated Right Roger Alexander! Chess Mother Child winners were Shreethan Sank

Five tie for 2019 Des Moines Open Title

The 2019 Des Moines Open was held July 16-17 at the Holiday Inn in Des Moines, Iowa. The five round Swiss System tournament produced numerous possible out-comes after four rounds with thirteen in contention for a tie for first! The event was an Iowa Qualifier as well as a US Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix tournament. Thirty-nine participants competed in this year’s event. Chess players from eleven states competed in this year: Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. NM Tim McEntee topped the field player with a USCF rating of (2201) flowed by Valerie Kosokin (2198), and Troy Cavanah (2059), Anish Lodh (2039),

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