En Passant is Back!

En Passant is back in print. The July Issue was mailed today. Please look in your mailbox. If you did not receive it please contact me. The Online edition should be up soon. Thank you for your patience it has been a difficult task. You never know how much somebody has done until they are gone.

Chess, Hockey and St. Louis

Chess and hockey merged in my favorite city, St. Louis, MO, in June of 2019. My love of chess and hockey began when I was nine years old. Although I’ve never attended a National Hockey League (NHL) game, I’ve followed the NHL since I was nine years old. I'd get up in the morning during hockey season and check the scores daily. I grew up in a small town with a lake and loved playing hockey in the winter months. 2019 has turned out to be a magical year for me as chess and hockey came together in St. Louis. The big story in the sports world so far this year is the amazing comeback of the St. Louis Blues professional hockey team. The Blues were in last place in the NHL on January 2, 2019.

Chess Clinic attended by 25

Last Saturday June 22nd, Grand Master Vladimir Georgiev visited the Quad Cities for a one day chess clinic attended by 25 players of all ages who had a lot of fun during the whole event. GM Georgiev talked about the pair of bishops, how to make a plan to win and gave a chess exhibition to 17 players, in which Trent Learly was the only one to get a draw against Georgiev. The event was hosted by the local chess clubs Leathernecks and Illowa. Next event will be the Quad Cities Summer Chess Tournament 2019 on Saturday July 20th.

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