Grandmaster Vladimir Georgiev coming to the Q-C on June 22

Ever wish you could tap into a grandmaster’s brain and transfer all that chess knowledge into your head? While that is impossible, the Western Illinois University and Illowa chess clubs are offering the next best thing – the opportunity to improve your game from the teachings of an accomplished grandmaster and trainer of champions. Chicago-area Grandmaster Vladimir Georgiev of Bulgaria will entertain us Saturday, June 22 at Western Illinois University’s Q-C campus in Moline. GM Georgiev will speak on “Winning with the Two Bishops” and “How to Formulate a Plan.” Plus you’ll get the opportunity to go head-to-head against the grandmaster in a small simultaneous exhibition. Here are the details:

Coralville Chess Workshop

On Tuesday, June 11, from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm, top Iowa junior players Owen Fiedorowicz and Nathan Chen will be hosting an afternoon chess workshop at the Coralville Public Library. It is free and recommended for chess players rated under USCF 1400. Come join and learn from two of Iowa's best!

Paulsen's Legacy Wins Iowa Amateur Team Championship

Congratulations to Paulsen's Legacy consisting of Tim McEntee, Cub Noble, Ty Kroells and Troy Curfman in winning the 2019 Iowa Amateur Team Championship. It was a hard fought battle with top seed, Hikaru's Knightmare an Iowa City/Coralville team, whose top two players were unable to play on Sunday which caused their team to drop to third place allowing the Four Horsemen of the Chesspocalype from Dubuque, to squeeze into second place. the U1600 Section was won by "Name to be Determined Later" I do hope they have a better name for next year. The U1400 section was won by JAWIS. Thanks again to Dr. Keating for use of the PCI building. With the enthusiastic response for the team tournament for

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