The Iowa Closed 2020

This weekend we are holding the Iowa Closed. We had to cancel the class and Closed tournament in April because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Now we are at a place where we feel we can run the tournament with some added rules. With consent of the six players who earned their spot in the Closed with their points we decided to add the Senior Champion, and the Denker Champion to the field to make it an Eight player event. I, as other board members, felt that since the US Open was canceled and the invitational tournaments are not being held we should give these players a chance to play some chess. Rounds 1-3 will be played June 27th, round 4 and 5 on June 28th, and rounds 6 and 7 on July 11th.

US Chess Executive Board Elections

I have been asked by members of Iowa's Chess Community who I support in this years US Chess Executive Board Election. 1. David Hater. I cannot recommend this man enough. I have worked with him at many National Chess Events. The most memorable being the Jr. High Nationals in Atlanta where David was faced with a major cheating scandal that rocked the chess world. David kept composure and stuck to the facts at hand and made the best decision possible. I do not think everyone was happy with the outcome, but I feel the decision was fair. During the event an investigation was started and later finished. With David's leadership we were able to avoid a scene similar to what happened in Dalla

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