Board and webmaster position open

Candidates for the IASCA board and webmaster position are encouraged to attend the IASCA board meeting, which will be held tentatively in April, at a date to be announced. I have enjoyed serving on the IASCA board and as webmaster for the past few years, but due to increased work commitments, do not feel that I can continue to serve as effectively as I did in the past, and I would like to see (a) qualified individual(s) take my place as I step down in April. Our website is hosted on Wix, and utilizes Wix's database capabilities. Knowledge of this platform would be useful for applicants for the webmaster position.

Gobbler Gambit Tournament reveals an interesting chess club history

Eleven chess players gathered the Saturday after Thanksgiving to battle it out at the Gobbler Gambit II, the Tri-State Chess Club’s 2nd annual tournament. Before the start of the four-round tournament, players chatted casually at the Keokuk Family Worship Center. But, once the timers started and the games began, serious thinking brought a hush to the room. Players recorded each move on score sheets. Sometimes, the participants would temporarily leave their games to check the progress of other games. And after a game ended, players would often watch and study the strategies of those players whose games had not yet finished. Each person had a one-hour time limit per game, and due to the uneven

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