2018 IASCA Annual Meeting Minutes

2018 IASCA Annual Meeting March 18, 2018 Physicians Clinic of Iowa, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2018 Annual meeting called to order at 1PM by President Eric Vigil. Secretary’s report was given by Ming Lodh, motioned by Dave Wolz and seconded by Jim Hodina and approved. Treasurer’s report was given by Eric Vigil in Mark Capron’s absence, motioned by Dr. Robert Keating and seconded by Dave Wolz and approved. General Fund had a beginning balance of $4,280 and an ending balance of $4,641. Net Income of 2018 was $361. President’s report was given by President Eric Vigil, motioned by Jim Hodina and seconded by Bethany Carson and approved. It was a good year with strong turn-out at Iowa Open. Several GMs

Saleem and Wan are state champions

Congratulations Joseph Wan and Arshaq Saleem! They are now the Co Chess Champions of Iowa. Joseph is the youngest player to complete the task since Daniel Goffstein did it in 2000, doing some investigative research into the MSA, Daniel did it, and then played in Scholastic Chess for two more years. I am going to have to ask him his exact age when he won. It was a hard fought battle with many ups and downs and was finally settled only after the last games were completed before a winner was determined. Congratulations are also in order for Sarah Faith Carson who defeated Anjali Lodh in a two game playoff to determine who was going to be the Girls Champion of Iowa. In the MXA Section Anish L

Iowa Closed Championship Pairings

In this year's closed to be played at the PCI building in Cedar Rapids this coming Saturday the 17th of March, we have returning champion Daniel Brashaw and the top five finishers of the Leather Jackets. It was a case of win it you are in it, with the top eight players in Iowa going at it to secure the invitations to this year's closed championship. We also have the Iowa Girls Championship to be played between Sarah Carson and Anjali Lodh for the honor of representing Iowa in the National Girls Tournament of Champions to be held concurrently with the US Open in Madison, Wisconsin. Times for the closed rounds: Saturday 9:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. Sunday 9:00 a.m.; 2:00 p.m. Each player'

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