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2018 IASCA Annual Meeting Minutes

2018 IASCA Annual Meeting

March 18, 2018

Physicians Clinic of Iowa, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

2018 Annual meeting called to order at 1PM by President Eric Vigil.

Secretary’s report was given by Ming Lodh, motioned by Dave Wolz and seconded by Jim Hodina and approved.

Treasurer’s report was given by Eric Vigil in Mark Capron’s absence, motioned by Dr. Robert Keating and seconded by Dave Wolz and approved.

General Fund had a beginning balance of $4,280 and an ending balance of $4,641. Net Income of 2018 was $361.

President’s report was given by President Eric Vigil, motioned by Jim Hodina and seconded by Bethany Carson and approved.

It was a good year with strong turn-out at Iowa Open. Several GMs were attracted to play in a number of tournaments.

Scholastic report was given by Bill Broich, motioned by Dr. Robert Keating and seconded by Dave Wolz and approved.

4 out of 6 state scholastic tournaments netted a profit. Tournaments in Des Moines/Ames area did not have as strong a turn out as ones held in Iowa City/Cedar Rapids.

USCF Delegate report was given by President Eric Vigil.

Eric Vigil and Dr. Robert Keating attended the 2017 delegate meeting. USCF annual meeting minutes can be found on its official website.

Heidi Klum was named Iowa Girls/Woman coordinator. She is looking for ways to improve girls’ participation in chess tournaments.

Website update was given by Bethany Carson.

Website was maintained by Bethany with assistance from Daniel Carson. Website has a steady traffic averaging 43 daily hits (33 unique). Bethany recognized a number of people for contribution articles and encouraged others to participate as well.

Stipend for Denker, Barber and NGTOC (National Girls Tournament of Champions) will remain at $400 for 2018. It was motioned by President Eric Vigil, seconded by James Neal and approved.

Election of Officers

President – Eric was re-elected for another 3 year term.

At Large Directors – Both Jim Hodina and Bethany Carson were re-elected.

USCF Delegate for 2018-2019

Eric was elected. Alternative remains to be determined.

Qualification rules for the Senior State Championship

An Iowa Senior Championship may be held in June 2018 to select the Iowa representative for the US Senior Open currently held with US Open in Wisconsin. Alternatively, 2017 winner of the Iowa Senior Champion will be sent.

Other Topics discussed:

501-c-3 application

Iowa Chess Hall of Fame

Meeting adjourned.

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