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Saleem and Wan are state champions

Congratulations Joseph Wan and Arshaq Saleem! They are now the Co Chess Champions of Iowa. Joseph is the youngest player to complete the task since Daniel Goffstein did it in 2000, doing some investigative research into the MSA, Daniel did it, and then played in Scholastic Chess for two more years. I am going to have to ask him his exact age when he won.

It was a hard fought battle with many ups and downs and was finally settled only after the last games were completed before a winner was determined.

Congratulations are also in order for Sarah Faith Carson who defeated Anjali Lodh in a two game playoff to determine who was going to be the Girls Champion of Iowa.

In the MXA Section Anish Lodh and Cub Noble were on fire! They tied to win. Cub was playing a section up and Anish defeated some highly rated players! We had 12 in this section. It was quite a strong turnout.

In Class B Joseph Meyer swept the section going 4-0 and now can enjoy his favorite beverage in our newly minted IASCA Pint Glasses. It seemed like everyone who won a glass is enjoying his or her favorite beverage.

Class C went down to the wire with a two way tie at the top. A. J Kozich and Robert Vance (not pictured) drew their final game to claim the prize. Before the tournament Robert Vance (as well as many others) asked if the IASCA Pint Glasses were for sale. I told him no they the Prizes of the sections. Disappointed, Robert did the next best thing and decided to win his section and get that IASCA Pint glass. Cheers Robert!

And last but not least, the boys in the D Section, Anjanaya Rao and Puwit Sky Moerlien, were getting ready to toast each other giddy with excitement as their IASCA Pint glasses were filled with a little green on St Patrick’s Day. You know their parents like tea and with a little hot water, and they could be enjoying the taste of money. Maybe they could open their eyes? Well who could blame them, they probably didn’t believe it was real.

Thanks again to Dr. Keating who allowed us to use his community room for our annual meeting and class chess tournament.

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