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Three tie for 2023 Iowa Closed Championship

NM Tim McEntee and Volokymyr Buranovsky, two of the three co-champions. Photo by Bill Broich.

The 2023 Iowa Closed Chess Championship ended in a three-way tie for first. The new Iowa co-champions are NM Tim McEntee (2207), NM Valeriy Kosokin (2253) and Volokymyr Buranovsky (1873). This trio finished with 3.5 points each to tie for first place. The event was held at Iowa Valley Community College in Grinnell, Iowa on April 1516, 2023. This event was a six-player round robin with a time control of game in 90 minutes with a 30 second increment for each move.

Joining the three co-champions in this event were Robert Reynolds (2002), Jasime Zulic (1910), and Luis Peralta (1829). McEntee captured a of the title for the fifth time! It is the first time Kosokin and Buranovsky won an Iowa Championship. Congratulations to the participants and champions!

By Bill Broich, IA, NTD


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