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Annual Membership Meeting April 15, 2023

Dear Iowa State Chess Association Members,

IASCA will be holding its annual Membership Meeting, on April 15 from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm. It will be hosted in person at the Iowa Valley Community College Grinnell, 123 6th Ave. West, Grinnell, IA 50112. This Zoom link is available for IASCA Members. This is the only meeting that brings together the membership, the elected officers, and the appointed staff to conduct the business of the association. Your participation is encouraged and valued.

The meeting agenda is identified in the IASCA By-Laws as follows. Italicized items are presentations and actions to be brought before the membership.

  1. Introduction of Board members, other elected members, and recognition of honored members.

  2. Minutes of the prior meeting.

    1. The 2022 IASCA Memberships Meetings Minutes have been posted online and a motion to approve the minutes will be made.

  3. President’s Report (including input from committees).

  4. Treasurer’s Report.

  5. Election of Officers and At Large Directors.

    1. The officers of Iowa Chess shall be a President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. They shall be elected at the annual meeting of the membership, and serve three-year terms, and the term of one officer shall expire each year.

    2. President, James Hodina, is resigning due to his pending out-of-state move.

    3. Secretary, term expiring of Ben Darr, who was elected in 2020.

  6. Election or Appointment of other positions, which may include delegates, voting members, and alternates to the United States Chess Federation.

    1. The Board shall include four At Large Directors, to be elected at the annual meeting of the membership, who will each serve two-year terms, with half of the terms expiring each year.

      1. Bob Keating and Bill Broich were reelected in 2022.

      2. Nikhil Patel’s term expires this year. It appears one position remains open.

      3. Selection of US Chess Delegates. Changes to US Chess By-Laws now offer two delegates to IASCA.

  7. Unfinished Business.

    1. Discuss and decide on Clearinghouse Position and Procedure:

      1. Bill Broich was appointed the US Chess Clearinghouse Coordinator for Iowa.

      2. A procedure for administering the Tournament Clearinghouse has not been developed.

  8. New Business.

    1. Discuss and decide on IASCA Stipends for the US National Tournaments of Champions


James Hodina, President


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