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65th Annual Iowa Open

Congratulations to Anish Lodh, James Neal and FM Alex Betaneli for a three way tie in the 65th annual Iowa Open. Anish scored four upsets to win on tiebreaks and get the coveted 65th Iowa Open 1st place Pint Glass.

In the Reserve section Timothy Bergal Crushed it with a 5-0 perfect score. A tie for Second with 4-0 Scores Sarah Faith Carson and Anirudh Anabhra Soni.

The Rated Beginners Open was won by Shreethan Sankapelly by tiebreaks over Hawkeye Chess Club Treasurer Andy Swiston III who didn’t realize some of the chess events he attended in Chicago as a child were rated. You know what they say…. Once rated Always Rated Right Roger Alexander!

Chess Mother Child winners were Shreethan Sankapelly and his mother Manjusri Sankapelly. Second place going to Heidi and Benjamin Pierce.

Mixed Doubles was won by the team of Arnav Gupta and Sarah Faith Carson with a score of 6.5 edging out the team of IM Erik Santarius and Athena Wu.

Iowa Open Cash Winners

1st thru 3rd $1600 divided by 3 = $533.33

Anish Lodh $534

James Neal $534

FM Alex Betaneli $534


1st (200) and 2nd(100) $300 divided by 3 = $100

Michael Takahashi $100

Gregory Revesz $100

Kevin Xu $100


1st (200) and 2nd(100) $300 divided by 2 = $150

Robert Reynolds $150

Aditya Gupta $150


1st (200) and 2nd(100) $300 divided by 2 = $150

Kian Thompson $150

Ayden Huang $150

Iowa Reserve Cash Winners

1st Place $150

Timothy Bergal $150

2nd (100) and 3rd (75) $175 divided by 2 = $87.5

Sarah Faith Carson $88

Soni Anirudh $88

U1450 $60 divided by 2 = $30

Kyros Wu $30

Nicholas Risko $30

U1250 $60

Oliver Ohly $60

U950 $60

Daniel Bell $60

Mixed Doubles

1st place $70

Arnav Gupta 2.5 Sarah Faith Carson 4.0 6.5 $70 35/35

2nd Place $50

Erik Santarius 4.0 Athena Wu 2.0 6.0 $50 25/25

3rd Place $30 divided by 3 = $10

Ayden Huang 3.5 Celine Zhou 2.0 5.5 $10 5/5

Anish Lodh 4.5 Anjali Lodh 1.0 5.5 $10 5/5

Aditya Gupta 3.5 Bethany Carson 2.0 5.5 $10 5/5


1st Shreethan Sankepally

2nd Andy Swiston III

3rd Asim Shivapur

4th Nicholas Morrow

5th Caleb Engen

U1000 1st Graham Rocha

U1000 2nd Nolon Nixon

U800 1st Elsie Gross

U800 2nd Lalith Maden Prasad

U600 1st Manjusri Sankepally

U600 2nd Peter Le Sage

U400 1st Seiyon Shasti Ravishankar

U400 2nd Saifan Syed Hashmi

U200 1st Anjali Rajan

U200 2nd Siva Kolli

Unrated 1st Wilhelm Rochford

Unrated 2nd Zac Merrill

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