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Anish Lodh wins the playoff to become Iowa's Barber Champion

Anish Lodh wins a hard fought playoff battle with Anjaneya Rao in the Basement of the University of Iowa Community Credit Union. Anjaneya and Anish decided to have a cointoss to determine white and black and who goes first. The playoffs were two games of G60d5 one as white and one as black. Anish won the toss and decided white for game one. A draw ensued. In Game two Mr. Lodh was down to 38 seconds when the clock suddenly reset, causing a delay in play. The clock was reset with Anjaneya with a good position and 12:30 on the clock. Anish went beast mode, became an analyzing machine! And blitzed out a win with only 6 seconds remaining. Anjaneya gave it his all and came up short. But shout outs to Anjaneya! even though all he did was draw one game his rating went up one point. Joseph Wan who was watching said "Anjaneya is stronger than me when I was his age!" (Joseph went on to win the K-6 Open section at Nationals when he was in 6th grade)

Congatulations Anish with the victory and will now join his sister in Orlando Florida at the US Open. Anjali's reaction.......

Now my brother is coming with me!

(just kidding totally unrelated picture)

I look forward to seeing them there as well. Eric Vigil

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