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Aulden Van Winkle Chess Tournament

The Aulden Van Winkle Chess Tournament will be held at the Lee County Fair, in the Learning Center,on Saturday, July 14th, in Donnellson, IA. This is a free non-rated tournament and is open to the public, to all ages, and to all levels of play.

Depending on participation,the tournament will have a youth section and an adult section.The Van Winkle Family and the Tri-State Chess Club hosts the tournament. Rev. Doug Campbell of Carthage, IL will be the Tournament Director.

Registration will start at 9:00 AM, and the games will start at 10:00 AM. The tournament will be a 4 round Swiss System Tournament. The games will be G/30 with ne delay, which means each player has 30 minutes to complete their moves.

The prizes for the youth are a 1st, and 2nd place medals. The winner of the adult section will receive the coveted Aulden VanWinker Traveling Clock Trophy for a year. Sam Naylor of Carthage, was the 2017 County Fair Champion currently holds the trophy.

Aulden VanWinkle was a supporter of the Lee County Fair, and started the fair's chess tournament.The Van Winkle Family donates the Aulden Van Winkle Traveling Trophy Clock to the tournament's champion, which is returned each year for the next year's tournament

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