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IASCA Scholastic Chair

Dear Iowa Chess Patrons,

After 9 years of service as the IASCA Scholastic Chair, I have chosen to step down. So, we begin the search for another interested and motivated individual to take on this valuable role to organize Iowa Scholastic Chess Championship Events for our school age chess players.

The duties of the IASCA Scholastic Chair include:

  • Establishing an annual calendar for six (6) Iowa Scholastic Chess Championship Events.

  • Ensuring a playing site is secured for each event.

  • Appointing a Chief Tournament Director for each event.

  • Procuring trophies for each event.

  • Communicating tournament information and results to the Iowa scholastic chess families through email, the IASCA website, and social media.

  • Managing and reporting of finances to the IASCA board for the Scholastic Chess Championship Events.

It is important to note that the Scholastic Chair does need to be a US Chess Tournament Director.

For information on becoming a Tournament Director, visit:

The first TD Level is “Club TD.” Registering as a Club Level TD is simple and requires that the individual be a US Chess member. You must also have read and have access to the official US Chess Federation Rulebook. There are many well qualified TDs in Iowa to draw upon for directing US Chess rated tournaments. As the outgoing chair, I pledge to support the incoming Scholastic Chair as requested throughout the school year. The IASCA Board, led by President Eric Vigil, will also continue to provide their support to make our scholastic chess events successful.

To guide the work, the IASCA Board has approved a detailed Scholastic Championship Rules that includes a budget proforma, trophy guidelines, and eligibility criteria for scholastic players.

The Scholastic Chair is appointed by the IASCA President. So, please contact Eric Vigil at regarding any interest the Scholastic Director position. I also would be happy to answer any questions by email, phone, or in person. Please contact me at

It has been a pleasure to serve the Iowa State Chess Association and the scholastic chess families in our great state. It has truly been a rewarding experience that I will cherish forever.


Jim Hodina

P.S. I am not retiring from chess. I still plan to run chess events for the Cedar Rapids Chess Club, Prairie Chess Club, and pursue philanthropic endeavors with Chess in Iowa, Inc. including the Ice Harbor Scholastic Chess Open.

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