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Undefeated in Wellsburg

Accolades go to Steven Cusumano of Nebraska after a resounding finish in Wellsburg. The 1907-rated Cusumano dominated the 17-player field on May 13, finishing with a perfect score, after defeating Thomas Gaul in the championship game.

2017 Wellsburg Open Champion Steven Cusumano

Cusumano's other victories were hard-fought struggles with Tim Crouse, Tom Hesse and Daniel Carson. Hesse and Carson both leveraged their redoubtable skills against Cusumano in 60+ move battles.

Second place in the Open went to William Polzin of Ames, undefeated with 3.5 out of 4. Polzin yielded a second round draw to Thomas Gaul.​

John Trunnell finished third with 3.0, after scoring a final round upset against Ivan Wijetunge for a memorable finish to his day. Tom Gaul, Daniel Carson and Ben Darr each scored 2.5 to win the U2000 and U1800 prizes.

Will Polzin (2nd place) and John Trunnell (3rd place) Daniel Carson and Ben Darr (U2000/U1800 winners)

In the Wellsburg Reserve, Tim Carson wrecked havoc in the 10-player field, upsetting his way to first place with 4.0, while Escher Hiatt wrapped up second with 3 points in his second-ever rated event. Top U1400 was earned by Charity Carson with 2.5.

Many thanks to Daniel Carson for acting as assistant TD. Thanks to my mom, Betty Carson, for serving and helping prepare lunch, and to my whole family (and players) who helped with set-up/clean-up.

This was the third Wellsburg Open. Players who have participated all three years are Mark Capron, Steve Jacobs, William Polzin, Abhyudaya Shukla and Tim, Charity, Daniel, and Sarah Faith Carson.

I always enjoy hosting the Wellsburg Open. Thanks to all who participated. You brightened my day.

Edit: Game PGNs and Liberty or Death tournament report will not be posted.

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