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Day 1 - GM Gareev Iowa Tour

GM Gareev arrived in Chicago last night and spent the night at Eric Vigils mother and step father's house. Bruce Kallick surprised GM Gareev by setting up a crucial position of one of his most famous victories. Timur was very impressed with Bruce's research.

In the morning after a run on the beach and sunrise yoga

Next the drive to Iowa. Of course Timur had to play in the corn.

And then check out the largest river in North America

Arriving in Iowa city to a sunset class with eastern Iowa aspiring chess enthusiasts

We played outside until after dark.

Tomorrow the real fun begins with the consecutive blindfold chess record attempt. Players from Illinois, Kansas and Missouri have signed up!!!!! There is plenty of room to come and play. We start at 9am in the Borlaug room at the coralville Marriott. I promised Ana and Christine Denison they get to play first. We will be playing chess all day with a concurrent free for all tournament. Come all day or just an hour. This will be a day of chess record breaking fun!

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