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Rockefeller, Barber and Denker Champions

Jan 29th 2022 Iowa held its qualiying tournaments for the Rockefeller, Barber and Denker States Tournaments of Champions. The Rockefeller is for students in grades k-5, the Barber grades 6-8 and the Denker Grades 9-12. The Winner of each section is given the opportunity to represent Iowa at the national event held in conjunction with the US Open. This year it is in Rancho Mirage, California.

Irene Fei won the Rockefeller Iowa Qualifier in a tight competition. Max Cao who came in second had a draw in round 2, and Irene won over Awen Li in the final round to secure a 4-0 perfect score to Claim the Title. We look forward to seeing Irene again represent Iowa in the Rockefeller Tournament of State Champions.

Asim Shivapur won the Barber Iowa Qualifier as a fifth seed underdog. He had a draw in round one, and played the swiss gambit perfectly. For those of you who do not know the swiss gambit, ask one of your experienced tournament player friends.

Anish Lodh brought the HOUSE! as he avenged his upset of 2021 when he did not win the Denker Iowa Qualifier and this year achieved a 3-0 perfect score.

I look forward to seeing all three in Rancho Mirage California proudly representing Iowa Chess.


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