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Quad Cities Summer Chess Open

Last August 6th the Quad Cities Summer Chess Open, which is part of the Iowa Grand Prix was celebrated at the WIU Moline Campus. Chess players from Keokuk, Burlington, Iowa City, and the Quad Cities area participated in this third event of the year that the Leathernecks and Illowa chess clubs organized together. In the Open section, Luis Peralta (Moline), Niko Nixon (Iowa City), Ed Reedy (Orion), and Jonathan Aitchison (Illinois) tied for first place with 3 points. In the first round, young Rongyu Jiang beat Luis Peralta in a Two Knight Defense opening and game that lasted 25 moves. In the Reserve section, unrated Sanaj Sajit Kapur (Moline) won first place with 4 points, and Chris Dawson from Davenport got second place with 3.5 points. Oliver Cooley from Rock Island won the Beginners section with 7 points, while his father Luke Cooley got second place with 6 points. Congratulations to the winners and we hope to see everybody back in October!!


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