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Prairie and Kate Wickham win 2020 Match Team Play

After rescheduling from Jan 11th to Jan 26th, we played our annual Iowa Match team play. Unfortunately conditions were not Ideal as the Ballroom had started to go under construction. Making play interesting. 14 teams represented the Elementary Section and 3 Teams participated in the High School Section.

The elementary Section the Dynamic Wizards won with the Couger Killers 2nd and Epic Knights 3rd.

The 7-12 section was won by Prairie High ending the dominance of Iowa City's West High who had won the last 8 years.

Congrats teams

Individual board winners.

1 Anjanaya Rao

2. Julian Nosulli

3. Ibraham AbuDagga

4. Ethan Ding and Nirvan Kandel

And Winning the individual play Section Niko Nixon

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