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Millstream Iowa Open Fundraiser

Dan Brashaw repeats as Iowa's Millstream Beer and Blitz Champion with 10 points of 12. James Hodina was nipping his heels with 9.5 points. Arshaq Saleem hit third with 9 points. Mr. John Trunnell came out from under a rock and won 4th place. Where in the state of Iowa did this guy come from? Not only did John do great at the tournament, he brought a friend who signed up with US Chess. Rounding out the top 5 was Mr. James White, who with his good buddy James Hodina stayed at the brewery after the tournament to enjoy the polka band, knock back some more of Millstream's wares and play some more blitz, but on a little more friendly terms.

Morgan Lu won the upset prize of the day, defeating Mr.Dan Brashaw. Class Prizes were Nathan Chen U1800, Michael Takahashi U1600, Morgan Lu U1400. Christine and Ana Denison shared the U1200 prize; even though Christine won on tiebreaks, she let Ana pick the 6-pack. Barry and Joey Vigil Won best u1000, and Aman Reddy best U800. Best unrated was Mr. Tom Hesse and 2nd best unrated Joe Hall-Reppen. Some of these Blitz ratings of the players were very stale--players not having played in a blitz tournament or perhaps never playing in an official Blitz tournament. The folks at Millstream said they enjoyed having us and we will be back for more chess next year!!!!!!

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