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Chess Match - Iowa vs Peoria

I have been in discussion with Peoria Chess Club about challenging their club to a match.  I am looking for Iowans interested in playing a 2 game match on Monday, November 16 starting at 7:30pm on  The match is limited to players with USCF rating under 2000.  We will probably make some adjustments to the teams such that everyone plays someone within 50 rating points of themselves.  The first step in the process is to see who is interested.  Once we have that list (and Peoria is making their own list), we will compare each board's rating and go from there.  If Iowa has considerably more players than Peoria can field, it is possible we might have a 3 way match, but first things first.  If interested in playing or if you have questions, please contact Tim McEntee at by October 25.  That will give us enough time to finalize teams for this fun event.

Thanks, Tim


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