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Pairings for the Iowa Closed

I am happy to announce the pairings for the Iowa Closed tournament to take place in Iowa City On April 6th and 7th. The six finalists were selected randomly by Ming Lodh The IASCA secretary.

1. Valarie Kosokin

2. Joseph Wan

3. Cub Noble

4. Michael Takahashi

5. Arshaq Saleem

6. James Neal

Round 1

Noble V Neal

Saleem V Takahashi

Kosokin V Wan

Round 2

Wan V Neal

Takahashi V Kosokin

Noble V Saleem

Round 3

Neal V Saleem

Kosokin V Noble

Takahashi V Wan

Round 4

Neal V Takahashi

Saleem V Kosokin

Wan V Noble

Round 5

Kosokin V Neal

Wan V Saleem

Noble V Takahashi

Congratulations to our top six players and look forward to the great chess match in April.


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