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2018 US Open Champion GM Timur Gareyev coming to Iowa Open

2018 US Open Champion GM Timur Gareyev will be coming to the Iowa Open. He will be teaching three mini classes on Wednesday Thursday and Friday prior to the event.

These sessions are open to all chessplayers who are interested in improving their game. GM Gareyev AKA the Blindfold King is an incredibly talented chess player and a very talented chess instructor. GM Timur Gareyev is not your typical GM. He is at ease with both children and adults, he is incredibly funny and personal as well as informational. He calls his students his "Iowa Chess Warriors" Last year, I had four sessions, they quickly sold out and turned players away. We are allowing 8 players per session. This year we are doing 3 please sign up early as possible.

This is the first of Three sessions to be conducted over three days. Session 1 is for beginners. Anyone is welcome, but we are trying to get players that are of roughly the same rating so that the sessions can be more instructive to those who attend.

Sessions will conducted at Christ the King Lutheran Church 325 Morman Trek Blvd., Iowa City, IA 52246. Outside in Kings Park, or inside if bad weather.

Start time for Session 1 is Aug 22 Wednesday at 5pm, finishes at 7pm

Session 2 is Aug 23 Thursday at 5pm and finishes at 7pm

Session 3 is Aug 24 Friday at 4:30pm and ends at 6:30pm and will be in time for the Iowa Quick chess championship

The entry fee for this event is $50 per player, in advance or on-site. if you have problems registering online or wish to register online and pay onsite. Contact Eric Vigil at

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