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2018 Iowa Girls Chess Championship

Anjali Lodh and Sarah Faith Carson tied in spectacular fashion setting off the second playoff for state champion in the scholastic qualifying tournaments. Last month Arshaq Saleem overcame up and coming Michael Takahashi to claim the spot as Iowa’s Denker Representative to the US Open, and in a day when the chess gods smiled upon him, Owen Fiedorowicz came through as Iowa’s Barber Representative to the US open. In June we plan to hold the Senior Championship for a representative to the US Open.

Anjali and Sarah Faith will play two 45 min. games back to back as each white and black, then if still tied, play two 10 min games followed by 2 five min games and then an Armageddon game Black has 4 min white 5 min and white must win or black advances. The games will be played during the class championships on March 17th in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Six intrepid players braved the snow on the morning of the 10th of February to make the trek to Wellsburg Iowa public library. Those who attended were treated to breakfast granola bars, hearty chili and potato soup, and for the spectators, a library sponsored trivia contest. This year's trivia winner was the team of James Neal and Saba Sedaghat. Eric Vigil TDed the chess event.

(Bethany Carson photos.)

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