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In Memory of Carl E. Dunn

Former Iowa Chess president President Carl E. Dunn passed away yesterday Sept 6th.

I first met Carl at the Lee County Fair Chess tournament, which Carl pointed out was the longest continuously running chess tournament in the state. He asked me how being president was, and that he was a former IASCA president in the 1970's. He said back then most of the Association was in Des Moines and that they changed the rules to encourage more board members to be representative of the rest of the state of Iowa, the rule that the board members should be distributed as evenly as possible among congressional districts to get some of the power away from the Des Moines Metro area. I believe that was part of rewriting Iowa's Chess Constitution.

He ran the Port of Burlington Open for many years, which I have rekindled the last four years. He came to the first two and played. I remember the joy he had knowing there was another major chess tournament in his home town. I loved picking his brain about current chess issues and I just loved listening to him talk. Especially one day I invited Carl and Sam Naylor to lunch. I drove to Burlington and picked up Carl, then we met Sam Perkins, we talked for hours. I enjoyed the stories of Iowa's Chess Past. I will pay tribute to Carl at this years annual Port of Burlington Open. He was a great chess player and human being in general. Eric G. Vigil President IASCA

Carl Dunn's obituary is viewable at:

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