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Iowans at the US Open - Part 3

Several Iowans and former Iowans competed in the 2016 US Open in Indianapolis, Indiana. Here is part 3 of their games, photos, and thoughts about the tournament.

Dan Vasto

Dan Vasto, rated 2036, finished the tournament with 5.5.

Chessboard photo courtesy of

Dan Vasto says: I played the 6 round version of the US Open, and I took the 3 allowed byes because I wanted time to spend with friends and family in Indianapolis.

I won my first game against an A-rated player from Indiana. I then proceeded to lose two games: One to a master from Texas and the second to an A-rated player from Florida. I was not playing well. I continued with inconsistent play and although I won my last 3 games, it was not until the final game in the 9th round that I felt like I played fairly well, before allowing my opponent to come back and almost turn the tables!

I have decided to share my win from the 8th, and penultimate round. It demonstrates my recent tendency to try for a quick knockout, sometimes unsoundly. I played white versus teenager Mitch Fishbein. As I sat down to play, I wondered if he was related to GM Alex Fishbein, but did not ask him about this until after the game.

After the game, Mitch wanted to analyze the position after I told him he should have taken the B after Bxh7+. But we could not do that in the tournament hall. So he told me he had to go, and I asked if he was related to GM Alex Fishbein. He replied that Alex is his dad!

I looked up and there was GM Fishbein looking on from a short distance. We exchanged smiles, when I showed my surprise. I said to Mitch that he had a lot to live up to, and he agreed.

I wished I had given GM Fishbein's son a sounder game! This was my 3rd US Open. I really like the pace and format of this tournament. The only difficulty is finding the time to play in such a long tournament! My best result was in my first US Open in Chicago in 1973.

Thanks to Dan for sharing his U.S. Open experience!

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