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2024 Des Moines Open & Reserve

Start Date


End Date



Ben Bratz

IASCA Iowa Qualifier

June 7-9


Two-day and three-day schedules are available. Open and Reserve USCF only. Blitz: Sat, 8 PM,
$25 Entry Fee, 5-round Swiss, 2 games per round, G3 +2 incr, USCF rated. Prizes: 75% of entry
fees to be awarded in prizes. Separate registration is required.

Time Control

3-day Schedule, G/90 + 30-second increment for all rounds. 2-Day Schedule, rounds 1 & 2 only, G/60 d5 and rounds 3 through 5 and play G/90 + 30-second increment.


3-day Schedule. Friday: Round 1, 7 pm. Saturday: Round 2, 10:00 Saturday: Round 3, 3:30. Sunday: Round 4, 9:30 Sunday: Round 5, 2:00. 2-Day Schedule. Saturday: Round 1, 10:00 Saturday: Round 2, 12:30 Saturday: Round 3, 3:30. Sunday: Round 4, 9:30 Sunday: Round 5, 2:00.

Additional Info

Byes: One 1/2-point bye per player. Last round bye must be requested prior to the start of the 1st round to receive a 1/2-point. Byes for all other rounds must be requested 1 hour prior to the start of the round. USCF June supplement used for ratings. FIDE rule 11.3 is enforced regarding electronic devices. Players must turn in a scoresheet for every game. NO ELECTRONIC SCORESHEETS. No spectators are allowed in the playing hall 10 minutes after the start of the round. Players are allowed to spectate after their game is over. Spectator rules are subject to change. Refund one half of entry fee for withdrawal prior to the start of the event.

Broadcast Link


8:30-9:45am on Saturday June 8th

US Chess Required:


IASCA Required:


Memberships Available Onsite:


Onsite Reg Time:

Entry Fee:

Open. $60 before June 8th, $75 on-site. ($20 extra to play up from Reserve into Open section if rating between 1400 and 1600). Re-entry +$20. Reserve. $50 before June 8th, $65 on-site. $60 before June 8th, $70 on-site. Re-entry +$20.

Send Entry Fee:

Bill Broich
3100 Grand Ave. 2e
Des Moines, IA 50312


Open. $650 b/24 entries. 1st: $200, 2nd: $150 3rd: $125 U2000 $100 U1800 $75.
Reserve. $375 b/24 entries. 1st-2nd $125-$100. Class Prizes: U1400 $85, U1200 $65.


Bill Broich by phone at (515) 205-8062 or by email at, OR Ben Bratz by phone at (515)805-1147 or by email at


Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Des Moines-Airport/Conf Center, an IHG Hotel, Fleur Drive, Des Moines, IA, USA

515.287.2400 HR: $105 if reserved
by May 18th. The tournament hall is on the second floor.

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