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2024 Iowa Rapid and Blitz Championships

Start Date


End Date



Ben Bratz

A state championship event!

Time Control

Rapid: G/15;+10 Blitz: G/3;+2


Rapid R1 at 10:00 AM, 2-5 ASAP, 45 minute lunch break after R5, Blitz R1 after lunch break, 2-6 ASAP

Additional Info

Byes: One half-point bye per player per section. Requesting a bye will result in a bye for both sections unless otherwise requested!!! Last-round byes must be requested prior to the start of the first round to receive a half-point, and may not be withdrawn. Byes for all other rounds must be requested prior to that round being paired. Note: Due to each section having a different number of rounds, players requesting a 6th-round bye will receive last-round byes in both sections, but players requesting a 5th-round bye will receive 5th-round byes in both sections.
USCF ratings used for pairings and for prizes. Section ratings used for pairings. USCF Swiss pairing rules and USCF blitz floor decisions. Notation will not be required for either section. Spectators are allowed in the playing hall, but must be silent. Players may spectate after their game is over. Boards and clocks will not be provided, players are expected to bring their own.
In the case of a tie for a title trophy, an armageddon match will be held. In the case of an armageddon match, black will play with draw odds and less time than white. Both players will submit a written bid for time as black, and the player who bids a lower time will get black. White will receive 10 minutes, and both players will have a 2 second increment from move one.

Broadcast Link


onsite from 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM, or online at

US Chess Required:


IASCA Required:


Memberships Available Onsite:


Onsite Reg Time:

9:00 AM - 9:45 AM

Entry Fee:

$30 before 11/9, $35 after, $40 cash onsite or $45 card/tap to pay onsite. Change will NOT be available.
Mailed entries: $30 postmarked by 11/1, $35 by 11/8. DO NOT SEND AFTER 11/8!!!
Discounts available to titled players and ISU students/staff!

Send Entry Fee:

Ben Bratz, 3005 Elm Street, West Des Moines, IA, 50265.


Rapid: $100 1st, $60 2nd, $50 3rd, $40 top U1600, plus trophy to top IA player
Blitz: $100 1st, $60 2nd, $50 3rd, $40 top U1600, plus trophy to top IA player


Ben Bratz, 515-805-1147 or


Iowa State Memorial Union

2229 Lincoln Way, Ames, IA, USA

Playing hall is in the Great Hall

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