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Minnesota Blizzard Team Holiday Party

I was invited to the Minnesota Blizzard Team Holiday Party at the Chess Castle in Minneapolis, held December 23rd. This is an annual potluck and Blitz tournament event held to honor accomplishments of local chess enthusiasts. GM Wesley So attended as well as FM Graham Burgess from Great Britain. Other titled players included GM elect Andrew Tang, IM John Bartholomew and IM Sean Nagle. Patrick Tang served as the MC for this event.

Festivities began at 6 pm with the potluck dishes being served. Local chess enthusiasts recognized included Minnesota’s newest GM elect Tang and two new NMs, 12 year old Nastassja Matus and 13 year old NM Samrug Narayanan.

NM Samrug Narayanan and NM Nastassja Matus

Also mentioned, the first GM norm tournament held in Minnesota was organized David Kuhns FA, with the help of the Blizzard team and MSCA president and Chess Castle manager Jiten Patel. Kuhns served as the deputy arbiter and I was the chief arbiter. A second GM tournament is planned for June 2018.

GM elect Andrew Tang, GM Wesley So, Jiten Patel, Bill Broich, NTD, IA and David Kuhns, NTD, FA, IO

GM Burgess gave a lecture following the recognition ceremony. The blitz event followed the lecture. Twenty-two players competed in the blitz tournament. GM elect Tang topped IM Nagle to capture 1st place in the event. A total of twenty-two players competed. Jackson Wahl was the chief TD.

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