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Brashaw takes Iowa Blitz

Congratulations to Daniel Brashaw who won his 4th consecutive and 5th Iowa Blitz championship (2013 was a three way tie with Jim White, Luke and Jake Schaeckenbach)

2nd Gokul Thangaval, 3 way third place tie with Arshaq Saleem, Owen Fiedorowicz and Nathan Chen. Joseph Pregon won best u1800 Anish Lodh and Stephen Lapinsky tied for u1600, Jacob Vigil u1400 Jess Fiedorowicz u1200, Anjali Lodh u1000, Stan Bujakowski u800, Conner Orr best unrated and Barry Vigil best upset.

I want to thank Teresa and all the folks at Millstream Brewing for such a fabulous techno industio playing site. No children fell into a vat of beer, and it seemed everyone had a good time.

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