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Thunder Quick VI

Nathan Chen wins clear first followed by Owen Fiedorowicz and Aman Reddy for 2nd and 3rd.

There were 18 participants in the Thunder Quick VI tournament, usually held on Saturdays but was held on Friday due to school not being in session.

There were quite a few new participants to the mix: Dahye, Kyla, Dillon and Catherine (who had an impressive showing).

This was the key matchup in Round 4 where the expressions were based on Nathan being called out on the touch move rule. He dropped a clean bishop because of it, and somewhere late in the game Owen gave back the piece and later the game in a tense Rook and pawns ending.

Final round matchup was Kyros versus Nathan where Kyros was supposed to act as the spoiler and beat Nathan to make it a 3 way tie for first between Nathan, Owen and Aman. I didn't see the full game but I heard strange explanations afterwards. It doesn't look too bad in the picture; if you look closely, Kyros has a pawn and a knight for compensation for the Rook.

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