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GMs Akobian and Mikhalevski Share First at the Dream Nutrition Invitational II

GM Victor Mikhalevski, GM Varuzhan Akobian, Mohamed Mohsen, organizer, Bill Broich, IA, NTD,

Garuch Manukian and GM Tigran L. Petrosian. Photo: Eddie Akobian.

Three GMs, Varuzhan Akobian (2612), Victor Mikhalevski (2533), Tigran L. Petrosian (2593) and a promising FM candidate, Garuch Manukian (2256) competed in a double round robin tournament held June 20-22 at the corporate offices of Dream Nutrition located in Los Angeles, California. This event was organized and sponsored by Dream Nutrition CEO Mohamed Mohsen.

Manukian's FIDE rating has been as high as 2311. During 2011-12 he played in 5 IM round robins tournaments. Since then he’s played in some Blitz events but hasn’t been active using long time controls. Contemplating another try at the IM title, Manukian wanted strong competition. Playing in a double round robin against three veteran GMs all of whom have had FIDE ratings over 2600 provided all the competition he needed. The GMs schooled him. While Manukian scored 0 points he played spirited chess. Each GM spent plenty of time with him going over the games. Manukian's highlight was winning some Blitz games after the tournament concluded.

GMs Petrosian and Mikhalevski are in the US this summer to play in some of the large Swiss tournaments. The Dream Nutrition Invitational II concluded June 22nd and the following day, June 23rd, Petrosian played GM Magnus Carlson in the online World Blitz Championship tournament.

All three GMs traveled from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to participate in the National Open following the conclusion of this event. Mikhalevski had two nice wins against Petrosian. Akobian and Petrosian drew twice and Akobian had a win against Mikhalevski.

Dream Nutrition Invitational II - Final Ranking

GM Akobian, Varuzahn 2612 USA 4.5

GM Mikhalevski, Victor 2533 ISR 4.5

GM Petrosian, Tigran L. 2593 ARM 3.0

Manukian, Garuch 2256 ARM 0.0

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