In Memory of Carl E. Dunn

Former Iowa Chess president President Carl E. Dunn passed away yesterday Sept 6th. I first met Carl at the Lee County Fair Chess tournament, which Carl pointed out was the longest continuously running chess tournament in the state. He asked me how being president was, and that he was a former IASCA president in the 1970's. He said back then most of the Association was in Des Moines and that they changed the rules to encourage more board members to be representative of the rest of the state of Iowa, the rule that the board members should be distributed as evenly as possible among congressional districts to get some of the power away from the Des Moines Metro area. I believe that was part o

Delegates Meeting Report

Delegates Meeting Report 118th US Open meeting Norfolk, VA Aug 2017 Dr. Robert Keating and I attended the meeting. Dr. Keating filled a vacant seat from our neighboring state of Minnesota. Presidents report was fabulous. Right now US Chess is fat dumb and happy with a 1.7 million surplus. That money will be going to sponsor more players in international events and! Major Revamp of the webpage. I don’t know if you realize this but the US Chess Website is actually 3 or 4 websites cobbled together with links to each other. They estimate it will take $250,000 to do the job right and make the website cohesive. Outlined by the president were the 4 strengths of US Chess 1. Ratings system (ever

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