Kulaha Crowned Iowa Girls Champion

Darina Kulaha was crowned Iowa's 2017 Girls Chess Champion in Wellsburg this weekend. The only undefeated player in the field of 11 girls who attended, Darina is a foreign-exchange student from the Ukraine, currently residing in Strawberry Point, Iowa. She learned to play at a chess club in Kiev. The tournament started uneventfully with all higher-rated players defeating their opponents in Round 1. The major upset of the tournament came in Round 2, when Anjali Lodh scored a 400+ point upset against defending champion Sarah Faith Carson in a tight game, which ended with both players in deep time trouble: under 1 minute. Meanwhile, Darina kept her spot on board 1, victorious in her game ag

3rd Annual Port of Burlington

On Friday evening Jan 14st I received a call from Mr. Stephen Plotnick. He asked me about my upcoming 3rd Annual Port of Burlington FIDE Open next weekend on the 28th of January. He said his son was really improving in chess with his new coach. He also asked if he could play and help direct the RBO and get five rated games to help him up to the 25 required to be a local TD. I said sure. I am glad to help any aspiring TD, as there are too few of us as it is. Then he dropped the L bomb on me. “Yes and I am bringing GM William Lombardy with me.” “Sure that would be OK….” I answered. Then I offered a small speakers fee if GM Lombardy would give a lecture on the Friday before the tournament. Mr.

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