GM Timur Gareyev Breaks World Consecutive Blindfold Chess Record

​​Sept 23 I picked up GM Timur Gareyev at O'Hare airport. My goal: to bring him to Iowa to break the world record for consecutive blindfold games. I had met GM Gareyev at the US Open in August in Indianapolis, Indiana where he had punked me out on Monday morning. He was wandering around the lobby at 7am. I had just gotten back from my daily constitutional, and he asked me where the Hotel’s restaurant was, as he needed to get some breakfast. He was an awful skinny guy and I thought he needed some food. He then noticed my shirt with the Weber Elementary Chess Club of Iowa City, Iowa on it, and asked if I coached chess. I answered yes and we started off on a chess discussion. This young man see

Day 1 - GM Gareev Iowa Tour

GM Gareev arrived in Chicago last night and spent the night at Eric Vigils mother and step father's house. Bruce Kallick surprised GM Gareev by setting up a crucial position of one of his most famous victories. Timur was very impressed with Bruce's research. In the morning after a run on the beach and sunrise yoga Next the drive to Iowa. Of course Timur had to play in the corn. And then check out the largest river in North America Arriving in Iowa city to a sunset class with eastern Iowa aspiring chess enthusiasts We played outside until after dark. Tomorrow the real fun begins with the consecutive blindfold chess record attempt. Players from Illinois, Kansas and Missouri have signed up!!

NM Simul

Thanks to National Masters James Neal and Joseph Wan for sharing their talents with 25 enthusiastic chess players at the Coralville Public Library on September 17. There were special treats after the NM simul: cake, custard pastries, and a bughouse tournament! Click photos to enlarge

DGT Chess Clock Annotated Games Giveaway

Do you have annotated games from your latest tournament? Email them to for display on our website and possibly in En Passant...and a chance to win a DGT North American Chess Clock! Digital Game Technology, a leading producer of tournament supplies, has agreed to sponsor our giveaway by offering the clock for free. You can gain additional entries by following them on Twitter and visiting them on Facebook. Even if you don't have energy to do any of the above, be sure to take advantage of the one free entry: all you have to do is enter your name and USCF ID! This giveaway is only open to USCF members (or former members/anyone currently listed in the USCF online

Simul with Iowa’s 2016 National Masters

James Neal and Joseph Wan both earned the title of National Master this year, and we are celebrating with a simul at noon on Saturday, September 17, in Schwab Auditorium at the Coralville Public Library (1401 5th St, Coralville). To make it more challenging, they will take turns making moves. We have quite a few chess sets, but please bring yours in case we have a crowd. Please park in the parking garage on the lower level. Hope you can join us to congratulate James and Joseph!

Anish Lodh wins Illinois Reserve

Anish Lodh won the Reserve section at the Illinois Open yesterday. He won outright with 5.5 points, and I believe collected $900 in the process. Click here for crosstables from the Illinois Reserve.

IMs Nagle and Brooks Win 62nd Iowa Open

IM Michael Brooks from Missouri and IM Sean Nagle from Minnesota each scored 4.5 out of 5 to tie for the 62nd Iowa Open title. Nagle received the plaque on tiebreaks. The tournament’s Open section drew in 71 players from 11 states and as far away as New Hampshire, Washington and Virginia. The weekend included three other events: Friday night Quick Chess, Saturday Reserve (U1600) and an RBO (U1200). Over all the attendance for the weekend was 208 players representing 14 states (the RBO had 9 states represented, this almost has to be a record of some kind). The 41-player Reserve section also ended in a tie. Newcomer John Trunnell and Joseph Pregon each went 4/4. John ended up with an 1884 rati

Roger Gotschall - Interment

We are burying Roger Gotschall's ashes September 17 in Graceland cemetery in Blencoe at 11 am with lunch to follow afterwards. If you know anyone who might want to come, pass it on.

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