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Midwest Open 2023 Chess Tournament
Five round Swiss with a time control of 90 minutes + 30 second increment and will be dual USCF and FIDE rate, directed by Bill Broich. The Open Section is a POY (Player of the Year) event.
End Date
Registration 8-9:15:
Time Control
Game 90 minutes + 30 second increment
Omaha Marriot Regency Hotel, 10220 Regency Cir Omaha, NE 68114, Regency Ballrooms A and B
Link to tournament location map
Entry Fee
 $70 by 3/31/2023 for the Open, $80 on site.
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Saturday, April 22  R1: 9:30  R2: 2:30  R3: 7:00 o Sunday, April 23  R4: 9:30  R5: 2:30
Open 1st $400 2nd $250 3rd $150 U1800 $100 U1600 $100 U1400 $100 Total $1,100 The tie-break for the trophies will be decided in the following order: 1. Common Game 2. Solkoff 3. Modified Median 4. Cumulative
membership is required
are available onsite
Bill Broich, NTD, IA
Send Entry Fee to
• Steven Cusumano – organizer o o 402-301-6365
• Steven Cusumano – organizer o o 402-301-6365
Link to registration/tournament website
Additional Info
• Byes o One ½ point bye per player. A last round bye must be requested prior to the start of the 3rd round. Byes for all other rounds must be requested 1 hour prior to the start of the round. • Electronic devises o FIDE rule 11.3 enforced with regards to electronic devices. No electronic scoresheets are allowed. • Spectator Rules o No spectators are allowed in the playing hall 10 minutes after the start of the round. o Players are allowed to spectate after their game is over. o Spectator rules are subject to change. Social Media: Please consider joining the following Nebraska Chess groups. Those who join the Lichess group will have access to games which have been recorded by the Nebraska game archivist. The games will be under Lichess studies.
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