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2024 Iowa Scholastic Match-Play Team Championships
Four Sections: K-6, Match play head-to-head. K-3 section will play in K-6 section but will have separate prizes. Individual section for players without a team. Jr and Sr High (7-12). Match play head-to-head. May play as a combined section but will have separate prizes.
End Date
On-Site Registration 8:30 am to 9:45 am. Teams registering after 9:45 am will receive a 1/2pt 1st round bye.
Time Control
K-6/K-3 and Individual section will play G/30 d5; Jr. and Sr. High (7-12) section will play G/45.
Prairie Point Middle School, 8015 Kirkwood Boulevard SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Link to tournament location map
Entry Fee
$25 per player if received on or before 03/22/2024, $30 per player afterward or on-site.
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K-6/K-3 and Individual section will play G/30 d5; Elementary and Individual: Round 1: 10 am, Round 2: 11:15 am, Lunch, Round 3: 12:30, Round 4 & 5 ASAP. Sr. High (7-12) section. 4 Rounds. Round 1:, Lunch Round 2, 12:30, Rounds 3 & 4 ASAP.
Prizes: Trophies for Top 6 K-6 Teams, Top 3 K-3 teams and top 3 Jr High/High School Teams. Individual prizes will be announced onsite when total registration is counted. (approximately 1/3 players will receive prize).
membership is required
are available onsite
Bill Broich
Send Entry Fee to
Bill Broich, 3100 Grand Avenue, Apt. 2e, Des Moines, IA 50312
Bill Broich, 515-205-8062 or
Broadcast link
Link to registration/tournament website
Additional Info
Team Eligibility: Teams are of 4 students attending the same school; 6th Graders in Middle School may play for former K-5 school. Jr. High and High School teams may have 2 players from feeder schools on their teams but no player 7 years or under. Visit to register and pay for the team online. Online registration closes at 12 am midnight the 22nd of March. Details can be found at
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